Writing a great cover letter

Cover Letter Goals

This introduction letter not only personalizes the resume but it also allows you to emphasize, and expand on the relevant skills and qualifications that you possess for the particular position or company you are applying to.

Your resume should ALWAYS have a cover letter.

Section 1: Cover Letters vs. Broadcast Letters

The two most common types of introduction letters are cover letters and broadcast letters. A cover letter is used to respond to a particular job posting, while a broadcast letter is used to introduce yourself to a particular organization that the individual is interested in working with. Cover letters and broadcast letters are quite similar.

In this section we are looking specifically at cover letters, but most of the advice applies to both. One key difference is that broadcast letters should only be written once you have thoroughly researched the organization and have a clear idea of how you can benefit them.

What should a cover letter do?

The cover letter has two main goals:

1. Get the potential employer to read your resume.
2. Get them interested enough to schedule an interview with you.
Cover letters are like sales pitches targeted to a specific market (one company). You are the product. In order to market yourself, a cover letter must: