There are two basic methods of formatting the heading: the traditional method and the creative method. The traditional form is to centre all of this information, while the creative method is usually not centred. Using a creative method may convey some aspects of your personality and help differentiate you from other job seekers. However, do not get too carried away with being creative - ensure that the heading looks professional.

Keep in mind that if the resume is to be electronically scanned or transferred via email, your creative efforts may be distorted or go unrecognized. Regardless of whatever format you use, place this information at the top of the resume. Ensure that all the information is correct. Often, people forget to update this information when they move, and it prevents an employer from being able to contact you.

Include the following items: full name, street address, city, province, postal code, home phone number, and email address. Unless specifically requested, we recommend that you do not include a work number. Employers generally do not look favourably on disclosing a work number.  It indicates that you would use an employer’s resources and time for personal matters.

Heading Example

David Smith
360 Circle Avenue •V7M 1N9
Vancouver • British Columbia
(604)123-4567 • dsmith@careerowl.com